Security Cameras/DVR (Digital Video Recorders)

Recent developments in DVR's have streamlined how you can access your recorded footage. With VHS tapes you would have had to watch hours of footage to find the one event that you were looking for. The benefits of the DVR are that only physical motion is being recorded and the search ability to find a particular event has become much easier and faster.

With DVR's they also give you the benefit of saving a particular event to your computer or external drive which also allows you to share the footage with your insurance company, police department, or save it for your records if needed.

Many of our customers are fans of DVR technology because it also offers the ability to see what is happening in their business remotely - i.e. from their home PC or mobile device via the internet.


  • Increase your bottom line
  • Watch employees and improve their productivity
  • Survey customer traffic
  • Discourage dishonest employees
  • Reduce shoplifting and robberies
  • Monitor production processes
  • Track product inventory
  • Deter vandalism and violence
  • Prevent "Slip and Fall" fraud claims and liability issues
  • Observe your property online - anytime, anywhere

There are many options for security cameras today from black and white to color cameras, point tilt zoom cameras that allow you to move the camera to hidden cameras in smoke detectors.

Look to Bradley Communications to help you design and implement a security camera system that will fit your needs.


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